Playgroup Assembly Alhamdulillah, the Assembly presented by the Playgroup students run successfully on Friday, April 27th 2012. We had four performances from each class.

The first performance was from Playgroup Al Baasith. The students, girls in a white t-shirt and skirt and boys in a white shirt and black long pants, danced to a song called “Bermain Musik” by Sherina. After that, the students of Playgroup Al Mughni danced to a song titled “Mr. Sun.” Each student played a role. One boy was Mr. Sun, three other boys played trees, three girls played flowers, and another two girls played butterflies. The two classes performed together, danced to a song “Rain Rain Go Away,” and sang a song called “I Love You.”

The students of Playgroup Al Muiz presented a dance to a song called “Little Indian.” They wore costumes like Indian kids, hats decorated with chicken feathers, and their faces were painted. To show their progress in Tahfizh, they recited surah Al Fatihah together. Subhanallah, they were able to memorize the surah nicely.

The last performance was from Playgroup Al Wahhab class. To a song by Tasya called “Bum Cas-cas” the students danced cheerfully. They pretended to be a drum-band players complete with the instrumental music. At the end of the performance, they memorized surah Al Ikhlas nicely. They were so happy.

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