principal welcome

Assalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

All praises, thanks and gratitude are for Allah(swt)alone, for His blessings and hidayah upon us.  Salawat and Salaam to our beloved prophet Muhammad(saw) and all of his disciples and followers who remained Muslims until the end of time.

Alhamdulillah, it a pleasure to welcome you to The Syafana Islamic School – Gading Serpong website for the 2010-2011 school year.  We offer the best facilities and programs with our abilities, and will keep working on many developments for the progress of our school Insha Allah(swt).  Our curriculum consists of national and international curriculums to make our school the best Islamic School that keeps-up one step ahead.  Our goal is to offer our students excellent education, as we are entrusted to feed knowledge and shape their characters so they can manage themselves well and grow up as good Muslims.  We want our students not merely to have a high standard of academic performances but also to have ahlaqul karimah which is not only to memorize Al Qur’aan in their minds, but apply it in their hearts as well.  We also want our students to understand the meanings of Al Qur’aan well, so they can apply the teachings of both Al Qur’aan and As Sunnah in their daily lives, Insha Allah(swt).

Subhannallah, in its sixth year of operation Syafana Islamic School has excellent responses from the Muslim community around Tangerang since its first year.  With the mercy and blessings of Allah(swt) we always try to provide the best facilities and programs for our students’ future.  At the moment we have four class levels, as follows: Toddler, Playgroup, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2, a total of 12 classes currently and working to accommodate more Insha Allah(swt).  We have 165 students and 21 teachers, two of whom are expatriates.

Our teachers work optimally and display their personal best, they work not only with their brains, but with their hearts into the job, and they acknowledge so much barokah available to them in their profession.  We are not only educators to our students, but feel as though we are their second parents. Our profession incorporates us as a team working and learning together, covering others’ weaknesses, and building basic trust with one another as team members to gain success together Insha Allah(swt).

Please spare your time to explore our website and see what interesting features we offer.  We are sure you will like what you see.  We guarantee an ongoing commitment to provide the best education possible for your child in our school system at all levels to achieve success together Insha Allah(swt).  Ameen.

Wassalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh,

Hamidah Liliarni, S.Pd

3 Responses to “principal welcome”

  • Revandra Zahfri Faraesya:

    mau dftar untuk toddler skrg rafa umur 2thn..mhon info biaya dan kpn bs mulai…ada antar jemput ke taman royal cipondoh g….thk uu

  • Tito Dana Adhitya:

    Saya punya dua putra yang rencananya akan sekolah di Syafana
    1. Sutirto Al Hallaj, laki-laki, usia 6 tahun pada bulan Juli.
    2. Sutirto Al Ghazali, laki-laki, usia 4 tahun pada bulan September.
    Mohon info biaya dan kapan mulai pendaftaran.
    Kami mengucapkan banyak terima kasih atas informasinya

    • gading:

      terimakasih sebelumnya telah menghubungi Syafana Islamic School.

      Bunda, Jadwal pendaftaran telah dimulai sejak Oktober 2010 – April 2011,
      Untuk rincian biaya Bunda dapat menghubungi kami di 546 66 22 (Anti).

      Syafana Islamic School